Cuba Travel Guide: Part 1

July 3, 2017

After months of planning and lots of expectations, a few days ago I finally had the chance to visit Havana, Cuba. For all those who are going in the near future or that are considering traveling to Cuba but are still on the fence, I hope this short guide helps you plan your trip and my tips help you have the best time in this extraordinary country.

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music monday

Music Monday: May 2017

The tracklist for this month turned out pretty pop-ish, but that’s ok. Kehlani’s In My Feelings and Cashmere Cat’s Quit were in very heavy rotation. To be honest this playlist feels quite distant, there’s a ton of music coming out from my favorite artists…

June 19, 2017

Kit Culture: Casual Wear for Active Guys

After my Fyre Festival trip fiasco I’ve been keeping myself busy getting everything ready for my next destination: Cuba. I still have a little more outfit planning to do, but before I tell you everything about my adventures in the Caribbean today I want…

June 5, 2017
music monday

Music Monday: April 2017

I was supposed to do this a couple weeks ago, but with all that’s been happening I fell a little out of schedule. Anyway, the playlist has been ready for a while now and today I can finally share it with you. The highlights…

May 15, 2017
fyre festival

Fyre Festival Fiasco: A Recap

At this point many of you might have already heard about the infamous Fyre Festival, a music event that was supposed to take place in a private island in the Bahamas last April but turned into a fucking nonsensical nightmare instead. I was one…

May 7, 2017
music monday

Music Monday: March 2017

  Welcome to the second installment of my monthly music monday series! The biggest discovery of the month was LÉON’s EP, which I listened to almost every single day since I first heard “For You”.  My second favorite artist of March was Melanie Martínez.…

March 27, 2017
back to basics

Back to Basics: Minimalist Wardrobe

A combination of growing tired of opening my closet and finding nothing to wear, wearing a variation of the same thing most days, and reading this article finally convinced me to do a closet clean-up for the third time; the only thing that was different…

March 17, 2017
music monday february 2017

Music Monday: February 2017

I’ve been thinking about adding a music section to the blog for a long time, but I wasn’t sure about what was the best way to do it. I think I’ve finally come up with something that will allow me to do this without…

February 27, 2017
sgs v2.0

SGS V2.0

Hi everyone! It’s been quite a while since the last time I posted on the blog and needless to say, A LOT has happened in the meantime. I don’t want to bore you with all the details, so I’ll just tell you that over…

February 11, 2017


As you probably read somewhere on my social profiles, this year I went to Coachella (weekend 2) for the first time, and oh boy did I had a blast. It really was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I can’t wait…

May 4, 2016