August 24, 2013
Camo is a never ending trend. It’s been around for what it seems like forever,  and even though it might disappear from sight from time to time, it always finds its way back into the spotlight. But despite its alleged immortality, you know that just because something is popular it doesn’t mean that everyone loves it, so it shouldn’t be surprising to see this trend get a big deal of hate.

The truth is, when done correctly, it can add an interesting twist to your look in a tasteful way, so the key here is to learn how to do it right so you won’t end up looking like you just came back from a battlefield somewhere in Iraq.
The most important thing you need to remember is that when wearing bold patterns you should always keep the rest of your outfit as streamlined and muted as possible. Moderation is the difference between adding a splash of interest to your look and actually ending up looking like an attention whoring clown.
These are just a few examples of ways I’ve seen camo implemented in a great way. What do you think? is camo too much for you or is it something you’d like (or have already) tried?
PS: Camouflage cargo pants? Seriously, stay the eff away.

Until next time,


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