January 11, 2015

This most definitely won’t be the first subscription box you’ve heard of, but it’s certainly one of the most practical.

What is it?

Shopping for dress shirts has alway represented a bit of a hassle for me, because I never seem to find one that fits perfectly out of the box. Having your clothes custom made for your certainly sounds appealing, but realistically speaking this might not be a possibility for everyone. This is the problem that ShirtCycle aims to solve: delivering high-quality, hand-made and tailored-to-your-taste shirts directly into your doorstep without having to even get out of your house.

The process is fairly simple: you go to their website, describe your style, workplace environment and provide your off-the-rack measurements, as well as a photo of you wearing any of your current shirts to validate both your measurements and style. Once you’ve placed an order, you will receive a box consisting of a free sample that is intended to verify your fit. You will also get a card with your current measurements as well as a measuring tape so you can send them back any alterations you might need. If you’re happy with the fit, just let them know via email and they will proceed to send you three personalized shirts that will be tailored to your taste. If for whatever reason you don’t like any of your choices, you can always swap it.

My experience

Now that you know the basics of how ShirtCycle works, I want to tell you about my experience with the service. The first thing I liked about them is how easy is to send your info using their website. After six simple steps you’re all set up and will only need to wait for your package to arrive.

The second, and most important thing I enjoyed is how I got shirts that fit really, really, well with the least amount of effort. You know how it is when you buy stuff online; you never know if what you’ll get will be the right size… Well, in this case it certainly was. Finally, though I was not surprised by the styles I got (I could see all of them on the photos they have up on their website), I can say that I really liked their choices and they definitely got my style right.

So, in conclusion: great fit, great style and great quality. For $250, ShirtCycle is a great option to consider if you need shirts that are stylish and, most importantly, fit well, with a minimum effort on your part.

To learn more, you can check out their website and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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