May 6, 2015

Whoa, two Oliver-related posts in a row! Anyway, it’s been a while since I did a post about a style icon, but due to my recent binge watch of Arrow (I’m finally catching up!) I decided to talk about the style of one of my favorite characters on TV: Oliver Queen.

oliver queen clarks

Oliver’s style is so great there’s even a whole blog dedicated to keeping track of what he wears on each episode so you can purchase it. He dresses pretty casual most of the time, and wears a lot of basics like solid tees, henleys and both crewneck and v-neck sweaters. Oxfords, chambray shirts, chinos and jeans are on his arsenal as well. He’s also often seen wearing a pair of Clarks beeswax desert boots, my personal favorites.

oliver queen suit

When it’s time to dress up a bit, he sticks to the classics, with well-tailored and simple suits in different shades of grey (see what I did there?), black and navy, white and blue shirts and discrete ties.

Oliver Queen’s style is basically my dream wardrobe come true, and for a reason. He’s hands down one of the best dressed male characters on TV these days, not to mention Arrow’s action-packed and intriguing plot (plus Felicity!!!!!!!) makes it one of the hottest shows as well.

No matter your style, you can seriously pick up some great style tips from this gent any day. And now, excuse me while I go and continue my Arrow marathon and wish I could look as great as Oliver without a shirt on.

Until next time,


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