June 9, 2015

Campbell & Hall is an Australian label launched a few months ago that provides men’s basics such as underwear, sleepwear and loungewear, infusing them with unmistakable laid-back and coastal vibes.

Created by Alan Norman and born from the inspiration of living in Bondi Beach, Campbell & Hall‘s offerings include clean and simple pieces with maritime undertones that work perfectly together to create a high-quality collection made of comfortable fabrics and perfect fits, and one that can be worn effortlessly by anyone.

Campbell & Hall 3

The color palette, consisting in whites, greys and navy blues, is definitely one of my favorite things from their collection, and as they state on their website, their clothes look so great that even though they’re designed so you can comfortably sleep in them you could still wear them outside your house (or even take a swim in them) without looking weird.

Campbell & Hall 1

With basics that look this good, there’s no excuse to spend a lazy day in the comfort of your own house without looking your best! Make sure to visit their Instagram account to discover more of their style.

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