June 2, 2015

Trébol is a Mexican project based in Mexico City that lets you design and customize hand-made tees to match your personal style. Under the idea that everyone’s wants and needs are different, they provide the tools that let you make the clothes your own.

I was approached by Marta and Javier, the guys behind the project, after discovering weartrebol on Instagram. Their customer service is excellent, and after designing my customized tee (which is as quick as painless as it can get) I received it in a just a couple days.
trebol 2

Trébol has sixteen types of fabrics for the pockets from where to choose, as well as six different colors for the tees, both for men and women. I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with a combination that is totally yours, and in case you’re not feeling particularly creative, they even have a top-seller section where you can shop their most popular designs.

By now I’m sure you might be wondering which design I chose, so here it is; dark grey with lilo granate for the pocket:


The fabric is pretty comfortable and its quality is similar to basic tees you might get from popular stores, so no worries here. Also, as a final note and for reference if you’re wondering about their sizing, I usually wear a size XS but I got my Trébol tee in S and it fits perfectly.

Are you ready to embrace your inner designer and reinvent a popular basic from any wardrobe? Let me know which combination is your favorite in the comments!

Until next time,


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