July 1, 2015

I don’t consider myself a very adventurous guy, but still I can’t help but feel a little jealous every time I see photos of people in some exotic and remote place, longing to have an experience like that on my own.

This is what led me to discover Flowfold, a company that builds gear to carry with you everything you need, wherever you go.

Inspired by the legacy of Maine craftsmanship, Charley Friedman and his team aim to mix innovative and durable materials and designs with techniques that he learned while working as a sailmaker in high school. The result is a line of wallets, passport holders and bags that are long-lasting, lightweight and work perfectly to carry everything you need, no matter where your adventure takes you.

flowfold featuresMy favorite item from their collection is definitely the Navigator Wallet. It has enough room to hold your passport, ID, credit cards and cash while maintaining a slender form. I have already ordered mine and can’t wait to take it with me for my next trip. Being the clumsy dude I am, even if I’m not going on an exotic excursion it’ll be nice just enjoy my surroundings without having to worry about my stuff getting wet or lost (please tell that to 2014 Alan, who lost his previous wallet along with ID, credit cards and cash in a deep pool of mud at a music festival).

Even if you might prefer the looks of a traditional leather wallet or card holder (I love those things) under some circumstances these aren’t convenient nor safe enough. Here’s when Flowfold’s offerings might be useful to you, so the next time you’re thinking about going camping or to spend a day at the beach, just leave your fancy wallet at home!

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