November 7, 2015

Although I’m not going to this year’s Corona Capital festival, I wanted to create a brief post with some tips I learned from my experience at last year’s edition. Hopefully you will avoid making the same mistakes I did and your experience will be tons better. Keep reading!

I’m not going to lie: last year’s event was kind of a mess. It rained a lot at night and there also was a thunderstorm, so I ended up watching a few of my favorite bands standing in the rain, freezing and covered in mud. I literally came back to my hotel after day one and got in the shower with all my clothes and my shoes on, wanting to never come back to that place. Here are a few tips you can follow to look great and avoid any contingency.

1) Bring the right goddamn shoes. FORGET about wearing sneakers; even though this year’s edition was moved to November, if there’s something I’ve learned about Mexico City is that rain there is unpredictable, so you better be prepared for tons of water and mud. You will be better off wearing a pair of military boots and/or even rain boots (if you’re not really comfortable about wearing rain boots, keep them as unflashy as possible: a black pair will do just fine) instead of a pair of sneakers that will probably be ruined afterwards and will make your feet cold.

2) Don’t forget a backpack. It will be useful for storing your jacket and even a change of clothes if you really need them. You can also store a water bottle along with a map of the event, your wallet and other random stuff.

3) Layer up. You will probably be hot as hell during the early hours, but it will get colder as the day progresses. Bring a light sweater or cardigan  and a windbreaker/waterproof bomber jacket and keep them in your backpack until you start feeling chilly.

4) For the love of good, don’t bring an umbrella. Even though they’re officially forbidden, assholes will still manage to pass the security check with one. Don’t be one of them. Standing in the rain while watching your favorite artist or band will be uncomfortable enough without someone blocking the view; let everyone enjoy the show!

5. Leave your wallet at home and use a cardholder instead. It should carry the absolute essential things such as a moderate amount of cash, a credit card maybe, and one ID. I lost my wallet under a pool of mud while I was being smothered alive by hundreds of people and I felt like an idiot afterwards because I had brought with me all my IDs and credit cards, even though I obviously never used them. Learn from my mistake!

Going to music festival is truly a wonderful experience and even though I suffered from a couple setbacks I definitely enjoyed my time at Corona Capital 2014. I’m sure your experience will be even better if you’re well prepared, so keep in mind these tips and rock on!

Until next time,


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