May 7, 2017
fyre festival

At this point many of you might have already heard about the infamous Fyre Festival, a music event that was supposed to take place in a private island in the Bahamas last April but turned into a fucking nonsensical nightmare instead. I was one of the many people who had a ticket to attend, so I wanted to write a recap of my experience in the hopes of clarifying many of the lies and inaccurate facts I’ve encountered since this disaster happened and also to give my two cents about many of the things that unfolded:

  • First of all, me and my other two friends with whom I was supposed to travel are fine, we never got to the island and didn’t experience any of the horrible things some attendees had to endure.
  • No, it wasn’t exclusively an event for rich people; even though some of the last packages they started promoting had a ridiculous price tag, when Fyre Festival was announced last December the tickets were selling for much less.
  • I bought a Duo package with a friend and spent $1,000 USD each for our tickets. I also funded my Fyre band with an additional $400 USD because the organizers mentioned many times that your band would be the only way to pay for things once you arrived to the island. I SPENT MY OWN MONEY, NOTHING WAS GIVEN TO ME.
  • If you think I’m rich because I spent a thousand dollars on a first-time ever music festival to be held in the Bahamas, please shut your mouth and go take a look at the cost of attending Coachella.
  • I was one of the few (lucky?) ones that didn’t make it to the island. In fact; I didn’t even make it to Miami because I had issues with my visa a few days before. This doesn’t make me any less enraged by the whole thing.
  • As I’ve stated before, I’m not rich. And even if I were, I don’t understand why so many useless assholes are saying this was actually a good thing and that it should teach rich people lesson. Are you saying that rich people deserve to have bad things happen to them just because they’re rich? Talk about a fucking petty way to think about how the world works.
  • As of this moment, nobody from Fyre Festival has contacted any of us to give us an update on our refunds. To be honest I don’t even think that’s going to happen. I initiated a chargeback claim with my credit card company and they denied my refund, so basically they told me and my friend to go fuck ourselves and at this point we don’t think we will ever see our money again. I hope I’m wrong.
  • Besides the money (which I’m a 1000% entitled to feel angry about, thank you), what makes me feel even more pissed off about the whole situation is the level of incompetence and disregard shown by the assholes in charge of the whole thing. YOU KNEW that this was going to be a disaster and still let people get into those planes and arrive to a shitshow. I’m also mad at the people who worked for them and knew this was going to fail weeks or even months in advance and yet said nothing. And then after the shit hits the fan you go and give an interview saying that you knew the whole time and you didn’t even have an NDA so you could have warned people who put themselves in serious danger months in advance? That’s rich.
  • To all those know-it-alls and self-righteous assholes claiming that this smelled like a fraud from the start, please get off your high horse and stop pretending you’re smarter and better than anyone else. When the campaign for the Fyre Festival was announced nothing seemed out of the ordinary; in fact, many of the promotional materials (including the involvement of high-profile influencers) and the information provided looked more than legit, so there was no immediate reason to think that this would turn into the disaster it did.
  • Which brings me to my last point: influencers absolutely ARE NOT the ones to blame here, at least not all of them. I’m sick of Twitter idiots trying to pin this on people who didn’t have a way in fucking hell to know that things would turn out the way they did, and that were just doing something that is considered an extension of a job (or maybe even a full-time job for many). Influencer marketing is not the enemy, influencer marketing is not a bad thing, and you’re probably just jealous and petty.

Even though it’s been a few days already I’m still trying to process many things about what happened here. I’m also not trying to portray myself as a victim since I know there are people who had it much worse than I did. Obviously I wish those responsible will get what they deserve, and obviously I know that there are many more “real” problems in the world that make this look like nothing in comparison, but still it’s a thing that happened, many people were inconvenienced, and just because someone has different problems to worry about than you do, that doesn’t make anyone’s struggle less important.

PS: Fuck you Billy & Ja Rule, from the bottom of my heart.

Until next time,


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